Episode 9

Published on:

18th Feb 2021

Sales Enablement Innovation | Steffaney Zohrabyhan, Sprinklr

With so many tools in our tech stacks, most of us know the feeling of having 101 tabs open at the same time. Can sales enablement really make sales processes seamless and friction-free for their reps through digital adoption?

Steffaney Zohrabyhan, Digital Adoption Leader at Sprinklr, thinks so and talks us through how she does it, why you can't feed your reps a whole elephant at once - and how the philosophy of Clippy the ‘helpful’ Microsoft paperclip lives on.

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Sales Enablement Innovation
Level-up with some of the world's leading sales enablers.
Ever wondered how sales enablement leaders get it done? The Sales Enablement Innovation podcast, brought to you by Sales Enablement Collective, shines a light on what really goes on backstage at some of the world’s top startups and companies - from getting cross-functional buy-in and planning the perfect SKO to looking ahead at future trends as the role of sales enablement evolves.

Each episode, we sit down with a different revenue or sales enablement leader, and dive into their pain points, successes, and what got them to where they are - as well as best practice tips to help you turn your sales team into superheroes.

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